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At the print shop Hamilton, we offer passport photos printing service for different countries. We provide digital copies & printed copies as well as per the requirements. our passport photo printing services comply with all standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation & the NZ Department of Internal Affairs.

So, if you are looking for a service to print passport photos online for your NZ passport application, get in touch with us today.  

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Get Passport Photos Near Me

Are you searching to “get passport photos near me”? We’ve got the solution at the Print Shop Hamilton, plus you can do everything online. 

Simply upload your photos to us via email 

Our experienced and skilled team will then crop the photos as required to ensure they properly fit in the required dimensions. You can visit our shop as well to get your passport photos clicked & print ready in no time

We have highly qualified staff for printing passport photos, we can also provide you with help and advice in term to ensuring your photos meet the requirements.

Passport Photos for Other Documents


At the Print Shop Hamilton, the service that we provide for passport photos are suitable for a range of other official documents, including visas, including identification cards. 

There are strict requirements & specifications set by international aviation authorities and the Government here in New Zealand. It can cause delay in your application if not provided with the exact type or as per standard requirements.

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Print Passport Photo
passport photo

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